Internet advertising: theory and research



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Internet advertising: theory and research


Building on the research presented in their previous edition, Advertising and the World Wide Web (1999), editors David W. Schumann and Esther Thorson offer the expertise of active scholars in the area of Internet advertising in this new volume, and allow readers to reflect on the ever-changing nature of the Internet. Internet Advertising marks this important point in history, taking into account the state of practice, theoretical conceptualizations, empirical research, creative typologies, and potential considerations. Nearly all chapters are in the form of integrated reviews of theory and research, which provide a source of both previous knowledge, as well as future focus for advertising strategy. The volume is arranged in four sections covering: the foundations of Internet advertising theory consumer response to Internet advertising topical areas in which Internet advertising has significant influence on the consumer human needs and trends that will likely have significant impact on the future of Internet advertising. This contemporary analysis of Internet advertising will appeal to all practitioners and "students" of the Internet, and will effectively suit courses taught in this area.


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